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Synne Marie Sollie

Written by - 08.12.2016 - kl. 08.36

Synne holds a bachelor degree in media studies, which includes an additional year of STS studies (sciene, technology and society) and pedagogy. Synne is a curious and ambitious student who is always eager to learn new things. Synne has a big interest in music, which has led her to work on several of the biggest festivals and events around the country. Her biggest responsibility has been being Head of Culture on the board of UKA-15. UKA is Norways largest culture festival, it has 1700 volunteers, a revenue of 50 MNOK and the festival reached a profit of 7,3 MNOK. Beside her studies, she has also gained organisational and leadership experience through great commitments, at the student society in Trondheim and at NTNU. She has held a wide range of responsibilities, but they all share strategic management, communication & HR and project management as core responsibilities. Synne applied to NSE seeking new challenges and with the hope of making a difference.