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Cathrine Ro Heuch

Written by - 02.10.2017 - kl. 21.30

Cathrine holds an M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from NTNU (2017), specialized in reactor modeling. She’s been active in The Chemistry Student Union for several years, including being Head of Finance. She aims to work with technology and innovation towards a sustainable society with renewable energy sources. The summer of 2016 she worked in a startup company in San Francisco and attended entrepreneurial studies at UC Berkeley. Cathrine loves to travel and she spent her second year of high school in Phoenix, Arizona, as an exchange student. She took part of the startup Technium working with reTyre prior to NSE. Besides aiming to become a successful entrepreneur, she wants to learn more about art and photography, Japanese culture, and at some point live the Italian life in Tuscany. In her earlier days, Cathrine used to compete in several dance styles, and she still feels like a dancing star.