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Dag Drejer

Written by - 02.10.2017 - kl. 21.30

Dag is an energetic, open-minded and assertive person. He developed an interest in technology early on, and his dream has always been to use technology to change the world. Prior to attending NTNU, Dag served one year in the guard platoon of His Majesty the King’s Guard. Dag moved on to study Energy and Environmental Engineering at NTNU with a specialization in Electrical Energy Engineering. After three years he found out that he wanted to use his technological insight for something big, so he applied for NSE. Here he is meeting inspiring people and is getting equipped with the necessary tools to change the world. Dag has also had internships since his first year on NTNU, and during these, he has worked with programming, energy and process engineering and business developing. Apart from studies, Dag has volunteered for UKA-15 and ISFiT-15, and has been a student assistant in many courses.