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Fredrik Riiser

Written by - 02.10.2017 - kl. 21.41

An engineer and an artist. Fredrik finds the universe a wonderful place and is inspired by everything beautiful – be it a Picasso painting, the first night of frost or a perfectly timed rhythm change in music. Feeling as though there will never be enough time in this world to conquer all puzzles, he strives for efficiency and optimization. Having worked since the age of eleven, and obtained a in logistical engineering from NTNU, he joined NSE so that he could prepare in the best possible way for the entrepreneurial lifestyle. NSE is the best place to be creative and make a difference while pursuing an in engineering. The competitive and curious nature is this gents main driving forces. It’s the foundation of his love of making and creating. With brilliant practical insight and a keen eye for details, there is expected great things from this man.

A play is coming, and Fredrik Riiser wants to be one of the main composers. Remember the name.