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Karianne Hartviksen

Written by - 02.10.2017 - kl. 21.47

With an urging drive to challenge her own capabilities and reach new goals, Karianne is motivated by bringing out the best in herself and the ones around her. Being in the belief that most people can achieve more than they think, she completed her BSc in marketing and management in two years while juggling two demanding jobs. Her work experience varies from positions within journalism, human resources, tourism, and EdTech, in addition to her journeyman´s certificate in media graphics. From the age of 20, Karianne has been the head of a department with 80 employees, giving her an excellent combination of theory and practice within motivational leadership and management, while bringing her department to new financial records. Karianne applied to NSE to contribute to and be a part of, an ambitious community who wants to make a difference.