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Kjersti Blauenfeldt Næss

Written by - 02.10.2017 - kl. 21.45

Kjersti is a talented, curious and ambitious student with a bachelor’s degree in African studies at NTNU. She’s not without extra-curricular activities, having worked as a volunteer at Studentersamfundet all her studying years, UKA-13, UKA-15 and UKA-17 and served as the leader of one of the most influential groups: REGI. She has the spirit of a traveler and has also volunteered overseas, contributing to eco-friendly causes in Malawi. Her focus in life is to bring an equilibrium to the developing countries buying power, and better unravel the true market potentials she believes lies within. Kjersti believes that fostering life essentials in developing countries such as clean water and education will massively contribute to a brighter future. NSE presents Kjersti with a golden opportunity to develop her innate entrepreneurial skills.