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Kristoffer Tvinnereim

Written by - 02.10.2017 - kl. 21.41

The first you notice when you see Kristoffer is his big smile and the big heart. When you get to know him better you notice his great brain. Friends of Kristoffer have different explanations of how he became the person he is. Some people talk about an accident where he was dropped down the stairs as a baby. The rumors say that he was overwhelmed by the care after the accident, and now he just wants to give back.

Others say that its the combination of being born with a big heart, and his experience from Ent3r, Kirkerudbakken, being a janitor and a chef.

Regardless of the explanation, and the past, the future is whats exciting. Kristoffer wants to build his own company, and he wants to do good.