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Marit Bjerkreim

Written by - 02.10.2017 - kl. 19.29

Marit has an academical background from Marine Technology at NTNU, with specialization in cybernetics. Marit is very passionate about solving one of the biggest challenges our world is currently facing; the refugee crisis. Therefore she started Youth for Refugees and traveled to Greece in order to help refugees in the camps, and spread awareness about this issue. Her goal is to start a social entrepreneurial business with a focus on diminishing social exclusion for refugees and immigrants. In addition to Youth for Refugees Marit has been active in several organizations during her three years in Trondheim; marketing coordinator in UKA-15, head of economics in MSK and responsible for events at FRAM – the student innovation hub at NTNU. Currently, she is also a part of the Future Leader program in Oslo. Marit has always had an entrepreneurial fire, hence NSE was a perfect match for her.