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Mathias Udahl

Written by - 02.10.2017 - kl. 21.46

Mathias was born in a small town on the countryside, further called Mysen. When he got tired of the hassle of walking his dog, Mito, he moved from Mysen to study computer engineering at NTNU. Three years later he decided to apply for the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship. Mathias is a creative and social person with an interest for among others graphic design. With his creative mind, he became responsible for the web design at UKA-17. He can be perceived as a hardworking person and does not give up on his work until he is completely satisfied. Sometimes this can take a while. And when it may be a little too much with both school and social activities, he may wish he could go for a walk with Mito in Mysen after all.