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Mons Alexander Langaard

Written by - 02.10.2017 - kl. 21.53

Mons grew up in a town called Ski, and ironically enough, skiing turned out to be his greatest passion. When not racing avalanches down steep mountainsides or winning the local påskerenn, you can find him surfing Norwegian waves, rock climbing or think back on his long lost tennis career. In other words, he is always on the look for the next adventure. He also loves product development and genius technical inventions. Today, Mons holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Stavanger, in addition to compulsory courses in project management, economics, and leadership. During studies, he has worked as a sales consultant, studied abroad, volunteered for the student welfare organization and had an internship at Statoil. Mons is a curious and adventurous person always on the hunt to learn new skills. Seeking an environment with likeminded people, applying for NSE was a natural move.