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Øyvind Vikestad Aarø

Written by - 02.10.2017 - kl. 21.49

Øyvind is a jovial and down to earth guy from the rural parts of Trøndelag. He is almost always happy and satisfied with life, and if he is angry just give him some food. Before he started his academic career at NTNU he completed a bachelors degree at the School of Life, basically meaning three years off. He started out studying sports and outdoor life at Hedmarktoppen Folk High School. The second year off he spent backpacking in South-America and South-East-Asia, and the third year he worked as a fellow at Ålesund Folk High School. After this Øyvind began his studies in mechanical engineering at NTNU before moving to Industrial Economics and Technology Management. Besides studying Øyvind loves outdoor life, traveling and diving, but he is also a huge fan of relaxing with friends.