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Siw-Cathrine Braa

Written by - 02.10.2017 - kl. 21.52

Siw-Cathrine has her academic background in Finance from Trondheim Business school, NTNU and psychology studies at the University of Bergen. Prior to starting the NSE program, she did an exchange year in Australia. During her years at NTNU she has been working in a bank, and as a volunteer in Næringsutvalget and ANSA. Siw-Cathrine is a hard-working, ambitious and problem-oriented person who is passionate about her work. Her future goals and ambitions are set high, and she eagers to learn how to achieve those goals at NSE. She is motivated to make an effort to achieve a result according to her standards. Siw-Cathrine started the NSE program to become a part of a startup with similar minded and motivated students. Among other activities, Siw-Cathrine enjoys spending time with friends, running, climbing, traveling and skiing.