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Tine Maurstad Larsson

Written by - 02.10.2017 - kl. 21.40

Tine is creative, yet analytic; loves music yet is musically untalented; precocious yet childishly rebellious. Tine loves trying out new things, especially things that involve food or outdoor sports, and she can often be found at concerts. She is also a statistics geek who enjoys indulging her curiosity of why things are the way they are. This has led to constantly having a thought of how things can be disrupted in order to change the world of tomorrow, and how to generate growth and value in society.
Tine entered NSE in order to cultivate knowledge utilizing the knowledge she has gained thus far, and to challenge herself as part of a versatile team where the members complement each other; all while being passionate about the work she is doing.
Tine graduated from the University of Agder with a B.Ec. and specialized in financial management. Tine has gained valuable leadership and team experience from work with Redd Barna Sør Mottaksgruppe, and as a member of Start UiA.