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Trym Sandvik Nordgaard

Written by - 02.10.2017 - kl. 21.44

Trym is academically gifted in the fields of technology management and construction design. Using his creative mind and abilities as natural leader, he finished his Bachelors degree from NTNU Gjøvik with flying colors. During his time in Gjøvik, he took great pride in representing both NITO and leading the local entrepreneurial community, Start Gjøvik, gaining important and valuable leadership and entrepreneurial experience. His true passion revolves around snowboarding, with a scholarship at NTG Geilo and several international sponsors, he is strongly representing the community with a broad network and involvement in the sport. When Trym is not focusing on developing a new and better world, he enjoys sliding down hills drinking his morning coffee in his bathrobe, bombing massive hills with his skateboard and dancing to funky tunes until 5 am.