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Vetle Slagsvold Øien

Written by - 02.10.2017 - kl. 21.49

Vetle has his academic background from Trondheim Business School, NTNU, with a specialization in marketing and innovation. His disgust for traditional budgeting and economics led him away from the traditional career trajectory of banking, and into the startup world. In 2016, Vetle co-founded the image-sharing startup Daycloud, named student project of the year in 2017. He is a fast and eager learner and has through his time at Daycloud taught himself, Illustrator, After Effects and Facebook Ads. Vetle has always been fond of creative subjects and has besides his studies amassed leadership experience at Start NTNU and in student revues. In his earlier days, he made an attempt as a singer/songwriter and enjoys his time on stage. Even though he has a passion for entrepreneurship and creation, football and Liverpool Football Club always comes first.