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Anne Moa

Written by - 24.09.2018 - kl. 19.22

Anne’s entrepreneurial spirit started at a young age. At ten years old, she would make money by selling her toys to strangers on the street. It was surprisingly lucrative. Her interest in money eventually landed her the job as youth economist in SpareBank 1 SMN, where Anne was responsible for the bank’s initiative towards young people.

Anne holds a bachelor’s degree in European Studies, and a MSc in Globalization, both from NTNU. She spent the second year of her bachelor as an exchange student in London. Before attending NSE, she worked as a business developer in EVRY, one of the largest IT companies in Norway. The project she is most proud of working on is Spendific, a personal finance app for young people.

Anne is passionate about making a difference in the world. For several years, Anne was politically active. She was a member of the city council in Trondheim from 2011 – 2015. Today, Anne wants to explore how one can use digital solutions to improve people’s finances, health and quality of life.