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Benjamin Holsten

Written by - 24.09.2018 - kl. 19.25

Benjamin grew up in Lommedalen, where he was skiing his whole childhood. With a passion for skiing in general he became a great telemark and backcountry skier, and in high school he traveled around Norway and Europe competing along side the freeskiing elite. At 19 years old he felt the urge to more than “the dude that can do double corks”. Without a tech-savy bone in his body he began software engineering studies at Oslo Metropolitan University. During his studies he was drawn towards entrepreneurship and started a business with fellow students. The tech-startup was ambitious and forward thinking but failed miserably. The experience made Benjamin realize the need for a bridge between people and technology. After a turbulent first year at ES, Benjamin “stomped the landing” in Capeesh. As the youngest addition to the company he is now Sales Director and loving every minute of it.