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Besart Olluri

Written by - 24.09.2018 - kl. 19.14

Besart “Bess” Olluri is the kind of person you notice. Be it in a crowd, in a conversation, or when simply passing him by. His feelgood vibe and his contagious smile makes you want to learn more about him and his ongoing projects, and he might even inspire you to join his journey.
Having 6 years of experience in sales, 1-year military experience in the Norwegian Royal Guard and a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from NTNU, Besart is ready to tackle any challenge coming his way. During his time as a student he ventured through multiple volunteer-based student organizations and achieved many leadership and board positions. He is a super energized hyper social being looking for new adventures around any corner. With his technical background, craving for creativity, and his newfound love of leadership, he’s ready to venture the world of entrepreneurship!