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Camilla Wanjohi Røsstad

Written by - 24.09.2018 - kl. 19.14

Born in Trondheim to a Norwegian mother and a Kenyan father Camilla grew up surrounded by a mix of culture and languages. Camilla is the personification of wanderlust and has visited every continent apart from Antartica.

Although specialising in mathematics and biology in school Camilla was eager to try out something new at university. She had a brief fling with psychology at the University of Bergen, but frustrated with her studies and feeling out of place and stuck in Norway she decided to take the road less travelled and move as far away as she could, to New Zealand, to study International Business.

Camilla decided to apply for ES because she wanted to take an active part in shaping our tomorrow. She hates global warming and hopes that she can one day tell her grandkids she did everything in her power to help save the planet. Exactly how she’s going to save it she has yet to find out.