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Erik Klevar

Written by - 24.09.2018 - kl. 19.14

With a bachelor’s degree in innovation and business development from Kristiania University College it was only natural for Erik to travel to Trondheim and NTNU School of Entrepreneurship. The degree provided Erik with the knowledge and expertise to lead and provide support for teams working in a creative or entrepreneurial manner. Erik thoroughly enjoys being involved in projects both at school and in private and while studying at Kristiania he was on the board of directors in the local student democracy, a student assistant and the president of Læringsmiljøutvalget. Erik has a strong interest in politics, government, society and business and believes that everyone should take an active part in the making of tomorrow. Erik wants to do his part and help himself and others in the development of ideas and businesses to create a better future for all. He spent one year as a conscripted journalist in the Royal Norwegian Navy before studying and has worked as a sales consultant for many years. Erik is also the unofficial king of Quiz at NSE.