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Fredrik Lilleøkdal

Written by - 24.09.2018 - kl. 18.00

Ever since Fredrik was young he has pursued challenges and puzzles, anything he could master. That is why he developed intersts such as skiing, watersports, cooking, chess, gaming and Rubik’s cube solving, among many others. He dives deeply into these hobbies from time to time, but keeps his focus on academia and career clear. He has always been interested in mathematics, technology and the natural sciences, which began as fascinations with all manner of insects when he was a child, coupled with nature documentaries he watched from a young age. This interest got further cemented throughout the years, and thus he went down the path leading to industrial chemistry and biotechnology at NTNU. In the recent years his interest for innovation and entrepreneurship has spiked, due to both his own exploration of the field and inspiration from his father, who has started a number of businesses. Fredrik hopes to combine his interest for technology and innovation in his career.