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Gry Emilie Granstedt

Written by - 24.09.2018 - kl. 19.15

Gry Emilie is the pinnacle of precision and hard work. She grew up in the forests around Halden, carrying only a map and compass – spending most of her youth searching for the fastest route through the woods.

With her competitive spirit, she early developed a drive to always seek new challenges. This lead her to the Home Guard Candidate School, earning her the title of Sergeant and participation in the Military World Championship in Orienteering, before she continued onto her studies.

Due to Gry Emilie’s early interest in understanding how the world works, a natural choice was to pursue a M.Sc. degree within Applied Physics and Mathematics at NTNU, specialising in Atmospheric and Environmental Physics. After following this programme for 4 years, including a semester abroad in New Zealand, she asked herself «What use is it to understand everything, if you can´t bring it to life?». This question led her to her studies at NSE, with the dream of learning how she could use her knowledge of physics and mathematics to improve the world. With determination and an adventurous mind, Gry Emilie has set out to revolutionise the world of … well I guess we’ll find out!