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Jonas Aakenes

Written by - 29.03.2019 - kl. 09.13

Jonas is no realist, but a pure optimist. His lack of realism makes him avoid ground contact and gets engaged in everything and everyone on his way. He is a person that is not able to sit still. The last years he has been living in Trondheim studying nanotechnology, but used all his time on climbing, singing in choirs, skiing, playing in a band, paragliding, photography and high school teaching. He went on a years exchange to South America with all courses lectured in Spanish, without knowing the language at all. That says something about his motivation to seek the unknown and the consistency to reach his goals. Habits are hated, and the unknown is exciting. That’s why he never settles down with anything and keeps on seeking new challenges. Not because it’s easy, but because the alternative is boring.