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Jørgen Berntson Aase

Written by - 24.09.2018 - kl. 19.15

Jørgen Berntson Aase, an ambitious and curious young man, was born at Bærum hospital in the winter of 1995. He grew up in Asker and developed an excitement for the potential in his surroundings at a young age. As an active kid, more interested in exploring the world around him than playing video games or watching television, new ideas popped out with high frequency. After finishing high school, he went into the military for a year, becoming a sergeant, and then studied Music Business – Management at Innlandet University College for three years, including a semester at Musician Institute in Los Angeles. During these years he started, where he and his team writes about Norwegian music, which rapidly evolved to becoming one of Norway´s leading music blogs. After finishing his bachelor’s degree, he packed his bags and headed north to Trondheim, to take his masters at NTNU’s School of Entrepreneurship. Boarding a plane ordered the day before, with only hand luggage he found shelter at a friends couch and comfort in his life motto “It always works out somehow.”, and it did. A week later he got his own place, a bed, some new clothes and decided to make the most of these two years to come.