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Maria Fagerli

Written by - 24.09.2018 - kl. 19.14

Some people say that loud and stubborn people are born in the cold winds of Northern Norway – and with Maria there is no exception. Don’t let that northern accent trick you though – Maria is sweet as a candy and warm as a summer breeze. During her time being a student, Maria has volunteered for several different student organizations. Amongst other she has been the leader of a UNICEF student group and a Norwegian teacher for refugees. She has also taken the time to spend a year in Melbourne as an exchange student and six months as an intern at the Norwegian Embassy in Copenhagen.
With her academic backgound in both business administration and political science, she is deeply passionate about solving the struggles of society. Her ambition is to have a positive impact on the world, and thus she is eager to work with social entrepreneurship. However, in an alternative timeline Maria would be a musical star on Broadway, or at least that’s what her confidence is telling her.