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Mariel Hjelle

Written by - 24.09.2018 - kl. 19.14

Mariel’s stubbornness and curiosity was evident already from an early age, where she determinedly ignored her mother’s words of what’s possible or not. This resulted in creative projects such as glue made out of oatmeal and a “swimming pool” on the bathroom floor. Thankfully for the world has Mariel decreased her level of stubbornness as the years has passed.
However, curiosity has been the main drive for her whole academic career. She spent several years travelling the world as well as having jobs in between her travels. Different factors such as motivation, structure and culture varied deeply at her different jobs. This led her to take a bachelor’s degree in Human Research Management at Kristiania University College and a master’s degree in Leadership and Organizational Psychology at BI Norwegian Business School.
If Mariel is not rock climbing steep mountains, traveling somewhere she can surf or doing yoga watching the sunset, she is therefore thinking about how she can make the world a better place. One business idea at a time.