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Morten Skogly

Written by - 24.09.2018 - kl. 19.15

Mortens academic journey started in winter wonderland Lillehammer, where he studied Organization and Management. Having studied different topics in both Lillehammer, Berlin and Amsterdam, Morten still struggled to find an education that peeked his interest. But when Morten heard about Entreprenørskolen, he thought back to when he was a teenager. You see, when Morten was 13 years old, he painted a tree in his city pink. Everybody talked about it, and whenever he walked by that bright pink tree, he smiled. This made Morten realize that creating something yourself is unbelievably fun. It is Mortens dream to one day create something even cooler than a pink tree, and he thought Entreprenørskolen would be a good start on this ambitious goal.