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Per-Christian Wibe Due

Written by - 24.09.2018 - kl. 19.14

PC, born Per Christian Tandberg Wibe Due, hence the abbreviation, is an interesting fellow. Some might even go so far as to say he’s kind, caring, optimistic, driven, smart and cute, some might.

He enjoys long walks with his dog, while soaking up sunlight and eating his kvikk lunsj to the enjoyment of breathtaking views. At the same time he also loves to stay in with a good movie and an even greater dinner, while not doing anything. He’s without a doubt a perfectionist in his work and although this might occasionly be at the expense of time, he always strives to achieve a result he can be proud of. With his extensive history of solely being employed by his family and the Norwegian Army, he is now hungry for a new employment, one that he will create himself..

After 3 years of studying mechanical engineering, both in Trondheim – Norway and Sydney – Australia, he holds both knowledge and experience suited for achieving his goals in life. Don’t be fooled by his calm attitude, he’s dedicated to deliver and is willing to work as hard and as long as it takes to make sure of it.