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Vidar Melstveit

Written by - 24.09.2018 - kl. 17.39

While studying for a M.Sc in Industrial Economics and Technology Management (Indøk), Vidar has dedicated himself to many extra-curricular activities; mainly in the volunteer student organization Start NTNU. Having served as project manager, mentor and head of the organization, he has gained tangible experience in leadership, public speaking, sales and management. Of further experience Vidar has served in the Norwegian army as a military police dog handler, and studied one year in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Vidar is energetic, action oriented and engaging. His passion lies in working with open minded, creative and hard working people; people that risk looking foolish by taking on challenges outside their comfort zones, and that don’t go home until the job is done. In addition to being interested in paragliding, music, basketball and psychology, he has a strong interest in technology and innovation, especially related to aquaculture. With both of his parents in the fish farming industry, Vidar has not only had his share of salmon for dinner, but also worked many summers as a fish farmer. What do fish farmers do, you might be wondering. Well – practically speaking – they tie endless amounts of rope, maneuver boats, and lift heavy things with big cranes; all while having cold seawater splashed in their face. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Vidar thinks so too. His dream is to gather great people and build a business providing sustainable technological solutions for the aquaculture industry.