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Anders Mittet

Written by - 08.10.2019 - kl. 13.36

Anders is a man of many interests, and his desire to create can be traced all the way back to his childhood. As a kid he loved playing with Legos, but when he turned eleven playtime was over. While the other kids were busy trading football cards, he started work as a door to door salesman, earning royalties from his sales. Within a few weeks he had built an empire, having ten people working for him around the clock. His newfound interest in business resulted in him starting his first company the week of his 18th birthday. His love for structures lead him to Trondheim, where he got his BSc in Mechanical Engineering at NTNU. Still, he knew something was missing.

Finally, he realized something he had known his whole life. He was going to be an entrepreneur. This collected focus led him back to Trondheim. That fall he was able to find a team, start a company and get the company’s first paying customer. One month later, they had an office in the Gründerbrakka incubator.

When Anders is not working on his many projects he likes to travel, hike, ski, scuba dive or practice martial arts. His love and care for the nature around him impacts what he wants to accomplish. At NSE, he is now looking to hone his skills, so he can make an impact on the world around him