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Tord Standnes

Written by - 15.10.2019 - kl. 13.25

Hello there, I’m Tord.

I’m the person you’d choose to take with you to a deserted island. Calm and calculated, fighting to the very end, usually with a happy attitude. But if you ever do get the choice, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t place me on a deserted island. 🙂

I’m dual wielding my bachelor degrees, informatics in my right hand, pedagogy in the left. I’ve spent most of my spare time volunteering at student organisations here in Trondheim. Everything from event planner and bar chef, student parliament rep. to starting up a sports club.

I’m not afraid of taking the path less traveled or being in uncharted territory, and that’s how I ended up here at the School of Entrepreneurship. I want to improve the world, not just incrementally by walking in to work every day, but to do it exponentially through new solutions, designs, insights and social structures. If I’m lucky you’re someone who can help me with that vision. Whether you’re a future ES student who wants to make the world a better place, or a partner in business, I’m looking forward to meeting you.