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Anna Aune

Written by - 08.10.2019 - kl. 13.48

Anna is born and raised in Trondheim, on the very same date her parents chose to marry four years later. Throughout her childhood she always wanted to become either an author, an actor or a singer; turns out she became an entrepreneur. Anna holds a bachelor’s degree in business and administration, and three semesters of legal studies. During her time as a student she did a lot of volunteer work as a photographer, creator and editor. Anna is determined; she did for example work out her own exchange agreement in Italy when the existing options did not suit her.

Anna has too many interests, and too little time to keep up with them all. She dislikes waiting and is always on time. As her brother says; she is a woman of efficiency. Anna has a huge need for creating things and she gets restless and uneasy when she doesn’t have any creative outlets. Parallel with her increasing interest for the global climate crisis she has found her perfect hobby; redesigning furniture and clothes. Anna loves going to second hand stores to find new potential in old treasures.