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Celine Sandberg

Written by - 15.10.2019 - kl. 13.21

Celine has a bachelor’s degree in Innovation and Business Development from Kristiania University College together with some economics courses from BI Norwegian Business School. While other students went to lectures, the library or student parties, Celine stayed busy with volunteer work in the student democracy and as a student tutor. As the Deputy Head of the board in the student democracy and as a project leader in a 30 ECTS leadership course, she gained experienced-based knowledge in leadership, teamwork and project work.

The projects and people who trigger her motivation are given a new dimension of energy and dedication. She always finds ways forward when there is a tight spot and never prioritizes sleep when time is limited. That being said, she rarely hit the brakes and can occasionally be on her way to the moon. It is therefore in her best interest to sometimes take a reality check (read: ask some critical questions). Celine has an eagerness to succeed in something she is passionate about. Besides her main passion in sports, nature and sustainability, she tends to find new, weird passions she devotes all her time to. She hopes to pursue her goal of a career in sustainable change and circular economics (or something involving her latest interest: aerogel).