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Christian Arnold Stendahl Leira

Written by - 08.10.2019 - kl. 13.32

Christian Arnold and Arnold Schwarzenegger have two things in common. Even though it may seem that it is the body strength, it is not. Dedication (and the name) is the answer, and it is the key to success, this is something Christian has a lot of. After getting the taste of entrepreneurship in Australia where Christian was a semi-professional player and a part in the start-up of an e-sport team, he decided to apply for NTNU School of Entrepreneurship. He has a bachelor’s in electrical engineering from NTNU and The University of Queensland. With the knowledge from his studies, Christian has worked on several hobby projects. When he is not working on any projects you will often find him follow the e-sport scene or not find him at all, because he loves to travel. Curiosity is something that has always thrived within Christian and the hunger for knowledge will never be satisfied. This has led to him being an outgoing person and questions everything.