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Christian Fredrik Nagell

Written by - 15.10.2019 - kl. 13.22

Christian grew up on the peninsula next to Oslo, called Nesodden. The proximity to the ocean has contributed to Christians love for water activities: Swimming, surfing and fishing are his top three. He spent his summers saving lives on the beaches around Oslo and Australia as a lifeguard – this buddy knows to keep his head cool when situations get chaotic.

He has a passion for making physical products, and has studied design in Denmark and mechanical engineering at NTNU before attending the School of Entrepreneurship. He was a promising harmonica player from age 10 to 17, and is said to have a great future behind him. Today his harmonica skills serve to strengthen his image as a modern “Reodor Felgen”. Christian loves to be creative and do new things, and hopes to one day make a great product.