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Einar Gjellan

Written by - 08.10.2019 - kl. 13.52

Einar Gjellan is a hardworking and curious man born and raised in Trondheim. Even though he’s a Trønder, you rarely see him wear leather vests and his mustache is rather wack. However, his mentality is Trønder friendly to a greater extent. He’s is a competitive guy who likes challenges, which led him to NSE with the goal to start his own sustainable business.

Prior to attending NSE, Einar spent three years studying business administration at NTNU Business School, with a specialization in financial management. He still likes business administration, however, he was impatient applying his knowledge and NSE was the perfect match for Einar.

His spark for entrepreneurship started in high school where Einar and two friends started a company desired to increase the general fire safety in households. Throughout his life, he has always enjoyed staying busy chasing new adventures. He loves to travel and wishes to one day visit all world countries – hopefully, powered with environment-friendly fuel.