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Eirik F. Tømmervik

Written by - 08.10.2019 - kl. 13.34

Eirik is like an umbrella. When the storm hits, you really wish you didn’t leave him at home. He grew up on a tiny island off the western coast of Norway, so rough weather was a common occurrence. He’s been described by many as a great guy, although some disagree and say he’s probably the best person to have ever lived. Who’s to say which ones are right.

Eirik’s academic background is a Bachelor of Computer Science, from Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. Technology has always been his passion and exiting tech projects is where he shines. After a semester away from Bergen, at Griffith University, his urge for new ideas and challenges would get the best of him. Upon finishing his degree, the course was set towards Trondheim and NTNU’s School of Entrepreneurship.