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Jean Philip Svartdahl

Written by - 08.10.2019 - kl. 13.24

Jean Philip is a curious, humble and honest man. He aims to create a better world, developing a successful business and enjoying a high quality lifestyle. JP loves challenges and thinks it builds character. As of today he has travelled in more than 80 countries, worked as a cowboy in Australia, been a monk in Laos, slept on the streets of Rio de Janeiro and cycled from India to Norway. Just to mention some. So if you´re in search for a brave man that stays when the majority leaves – JP is your guy. When it comes to academics he holds a bachelor in Education and Psychology from NTNU and a teaching degree from NIH. While studying he was the leader in the student union, had several jobs and volunteered in MOT, where he coached younger students to become more conscious. He is grateful that he got accepted in NSE, and will use the opportunity to work hard while enjoying the ride to become an outstanding entrepreneur.