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Jonas Krokan

Written by - 15.10.2019 - kl. 13.27

Jonas started his first job at age 12 selling newspapers, then working at the local pizza-bakery, then at the local gas station, before figuring out he could make quite a decent living importing and selling PlayStation-consoles from the US. It was at this point he discovered his knack for sales, moving on to outperform 40 sales-consultants as he claimed 6 salesman-of-the-month awards while working part-time after high-school.

However, after coming to terms with the fact that sales were, in fact, nothing like The Wolf of Wall Street, he put his sales-career at ease and decided to pursue a master’s degree in – of all things – Industrial Design at NTNU. Here, he fell in love with StartNTNU where he was engaged as a project manager, and in spite of other contributions is perhaps best known as the “guy who brought a fu**** llama to campus”.

Completely ignoring the fact that he was a student, Jonas also became involved in the tech-startup FlowMotion while simultaneously gaining experience as a student consultant for Junior Consulting (JrC). Jonas also became skilled at applying design methodology to other use cases and is specialized in UX- and UI-design, and is interested in the point where design meets management consulting. This methodology gained his trust as CEO for JrC throughout the academic year 19/20.

Not one to turn down a challenge, Jonas did the first part of his exchange at Harvard Summer School followed by a year at PUC in Chile. Here, he took his course load in Spanish despite a sketchy-at-best vocabulary consisting of “Hola” and “Cerveza” accompanied by a total lack of judgment. In other words, Jonas is not one to overestimate the scale of new challenges.