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Line Bjerkset Larssen

Written by - 08.10.2019 - kl. 13.43

After her childhood years in Oslo, Line spent two years travelling the world and studying at the beach in California before she finally settled down in Trondheim to study marketing management. From her first semester in Trondheim she served as the assistant head of PR in UKA-17, and she quickly understood that learning by doing is much more fun than learning by reading at the library. She therefore later took management positions in both ISFiT19 and BI student society. While holding these positions, Line saw the value of working with people who possessed qualities she didn’t have herself, who challenged her to do the little extra and who made her into a teamplayer. At NSE, Line is surrounded by these kind of people everyday and this makes her really happy and inspired. Hopefully, she will soon meet the dream idea and together they will contribute to make the world an even happier place!