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Magnus Midttun

Written by - 15.10.2019 - kl. 13.33

Magnus is born and raised in a small place called Milde, outside the city of Bergen. Milde is a quiet place, with not much to do besides hanging outside with his friends and playing Ding-Dong ditch. Magnus always dreamed of becoming a lawyer in fancy suit, but during his last year in high school, the choice was split between this and becoming an engineer. After serving one year in the Norwegian Army as an infantry soldier, Magnus decided to take a one year break to figure out what he wanted to do in life. Coming from a family of engineers and scientists, the choice ended on studying Mechanical Engineering at NTNU.

During his studies, Magnus discovered his passion for technology, and especially electric cars and space crafts. No wonder he looks up to Elon Musk! In the holidays, he is a big fan of skiing on both snow and water, as well as riding his boat along the beautiful coastline of Bergen.

As most people spend one third of their life at work, Magnus truly believes that work should be something meaningful and inspiring. With this in mind, Magnus plans to make the most out of his stay at NSE, with focus on achieving his goal on becoming a self made entrepreneur with an exciting future ahead.