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Mathias Berntzen Engevik

Written by - 15.10.2019 - kl. 13.30

Mathias was born and raised in Nittedal, a small place just outside of Oslo. His parents noticed his great creativity, when he from a young age loved to build numerous constructions in Lego. Then it was perhaps not surprising that he chose to study as a construction engineer at the Oslo Metropolitan University. His childhood beyond education has been influenced by an urge of activity, due to his strong competitiveness. He has therefore committed to several sports, but it was in the end running that he chose to go in for. Eventually, at the age of seventeen, he managed to reach the junior national team in athletics. A lot of training, combined with studies, have consequently taught him how to use his time for everything it’s worth. This will probably be useful as he enters the world of entrepreneurship, when his creative ideas will be brought to life.