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Mia Lindbäck

Written by - 15.10.2019 - kl. 13.34

As a middle child with two brothers, Mia grew up getting her ass kicked weekly. Whether it was in a fight or in video games. Mia learned the hard way that in order to succeed you must be creative. At a young age Mia found out that by stealing stuff from one of her brothers and blaming the other one, they quickly directed their focus on each other rather than her. Mia took this a step further and started her first lucrative business by selling the stuff she stole from her brothers. It was from this point on that Mia knew she had an eye for business. And so her quest for world domination began…

Mia later started a bachelor’s degree in economy and administration from Oslo Metropolitan University, specializing in strategy and leadership. It was during this time Mia found her love for a sport called lacrosse. Today Mia is a part of the training squad for the national team and is also an enthusiastic member of NTNUi Lacrosse.

Growing up, Mia got tired of being superior to her brothers and thought she could use her wits somewhere else. By studying a master’s degree in entrepreneurship at NTNU, Mia’s resourcefulness and mind for economy could finally be used for something good.