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Sabina Causevic

Written by - 15.10.2019 - kl. 13.23

Sabina Causevic is the definition of hybrid cultures. She was born in Slovenia, moved to Norway with her Bosnian parents when she was 4 years old. She took her bachelor’s degree in International Business Consulting in the wonderful country known for its “Wienerschnitzel” and Mozart music, namely Austria. Furthermore, she did her internship at a e-commerce company in the UK. After her studies she decided to work in a startup that gave companies consulting services and developed digital-marketing strategies, that later lead to a full-time job opportunity in the biggest Scandinavian bank. She is still a part of the exciting financial sector in DNB and loves her job as a consultant. With her never-ending energy levels she is to find four times a week in the gym or drinking coffee with friend, a lot of coffee. A determined soul must have something to aim for. Her dream is to save the world, but since this is highly unlikely, she aims to make changes to her own life instead. Sabina’s motto is to become the strongest version of herself in all areas of life. Paving the way through life, she dreams of having her own interior signature store, filled with roses and marble floors. Her entrepreneurial curiosity was raised when she wrote her bachelor paper about green marketing and innovation for the sports clothing industry. After that her view on new business has never been the same and neither has the taste in music, which is everything from German, French and Albanian rap.