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Saeid Hosseini

Written by - 08.10.2019 - kl. 13.51

Saeid’s dry humor makes one person laugh loudly, and that’s himself. Saeid likes his jokes similar to the way a tumble dryer likes its clothes, dry. With 100% Iranian heritage he has unlike other Iranians blond hair which makes him look like a super tan Viking. This made him integrated easily in the Norwegian society from his first day in Norway in 2011.

After studying mechanical engineering at NTNU and TU Delft in the Netherlands, he realized that he can make bigger impact on making the world more fair and sustainable by becoming an technological entrepreneur at NSE.

He believes that politics are also crucial in addition to technology to make the world to a better place. Therefor he ran as a municipal council candidate, and was elected in Ringerike.

He has also several volunteer experiences like being head of finance in a group of crazy engineering students called Revolve NTNU which make electric racecars. That’s where he learned how to sleep faster and always say “Kjør da!”.