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Sara Sundqvist

Written by - 08.10.2019 - kl. 13.56

Sara is the centre of attention- not many people work their time in the spotlight better than her! Sara completed her nursing degree at NTNU in Trondheim, and has worked in health-care for seven years. When Sara is not busy saving lives, she spends most of her time preparing to become rich and famous.

Sara always have several projects going. During her time in Trondheim, she has been active with the “linjeforening” Nutrix and her beloved SIT (Samfundets intern theatre) in addition to keeping three different jobs, she sure knows how to handle a hectic time schedule! Usually her time-schedule is filled with different theatrical projects, planning events and saving the planet – legends has it Mother Theresa keeps a photo of Sara over her bed for inspiration.

This queen is always putting up a show, or planning the next. You never know if she`s going to be the actor, writer, producer or stewardess in a show- but if there is a show, Sara is most likely to be involved one way or the other. She lives by the motto “more is more- anything less is a bore”, and dont be shocked when you see her walking up in her kick-ass glitter-pumps and colorful outfit ready to rule the world.