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Selma Ahlsand

Written by - 08.10.2019 - kl. 12.20

Selma is an enthusiastic and positive girl from Kjelsås, Oslo. She has a big love for sports and competed on high level in cross-country skiing during her youth. The love for sports led her to the junior national team followed by a full-ride scholarship to the University of Denver, where she combined skiing with a bachelor’s degree in finance. Selma is the oldest of three sisters, which in her opinion has made her develop expertise in leadership, problem solving and negotiations. As a result of her active childhood with her beloved family, Selma is now eager to create solutions that makes life better and easier for the rest of us. Combined with fellow sharp minded students at NSE, Selma feels that she is at the right place for developing good ideas for good purposes. You will probably find Selma running around Trondheim with friends or mountaineering somewhere in the beautiful Norwegian mountains.