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Tuva Sveås Okkenhaug

Written by - 08.10.2019 - kl. 13.42

With a bachelor’s degree in Energy and environmental physics from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Tuva entered a new world of challenges and possibilities when starting NSE. As a dedicated student, Tuva will categorize herself as a real physics nerd, and she is very proud of it. At NSE she is looking forward to acquire new knowledge, meet like-minded people and step out of the comfort zone. Tuva is curious and eager to learn as much as possible. The love for teaching and physics have become a travelling physics show for children.

Tuva’s time off is best spent outside, preferably in a tent on a mountain. Now she strives to share and spread her passion about the environment and nature to all that comes her way, hoping she can be apart of the change for a greener, more happier world.