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Vårin Vaskinn

Written by - 08.10.2019 - kl. 13.47

Vårin is NSE´s first student from Finnmark, the northernmost county of Norway. Her childhood was full of reindeers, snowmobiles and northern lights. She is described as a hard-working, challenge seeking and ambitious girl who is not afraid to speak her mind. The village she grew up in is a multi-cultured mix of Norwegians, Finns and Sami people. She early learned how to survive north of the wall. She had to be innovative and creative. This led to her first start-up, selling mittens with reflective yarn – a 3 in one product providing visibility, warmth and style. The start-up was just the beginning on her love for innovation. On her mission to make the world a better place, she decided to take a bachelor’s degree in general nursing at the Artic University of Norway, so she could tend to the sick and elderly. Now she is passionate to start a MedTech company and hopefully save many lives.