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Vivi Thi Nguyen

Written by - 08.10.2019 - kl. 13.49

Vivi is a natural born leader! Born in Ålesund, with family roots from Vietnam, Vivi grew up in Råholt with a curious mind. With a multicultural background she learned how to appreciate the people around her, making every social gathering a lighter place to be.

After finishing high school, Vivi moved to a little place called Gjøvik, to grasp on a bachelor in Technology Design and Management. She proceeded with a year study in informatics, becoming well suited to lead the next big thing.

Vivi has a dog named Molly. Molly has officially became the house pet of the entire NSE after Vivi started. Together with Vivi, they represent the “happy people” – always running around in the corridors – giving good energy to the people around them.